Nicolas Cage Takes On the Unknown in New 'Arcadian' Poster

May 25, 2024

Terror strikes in the night for Nicolas Cage and his on-screen family in the official poster and a new lineup of stills for the actor’s upcoming sci-fi horror flick, Arcadian. An exclusive to Collider drop gives audiences an extended preview of what’s to come when Benjamin Brewer’s latest feature crashes onto screens on April 12. Featuring performances from Cage, Jaeden Martell (Mr. Harrigan’s Phone), Maxwell Jenkins (Reacher), and Sadie Soverall (Saltburn), the images depict one family’s attempt to survive a post-apocalyptic world where they’re being hunted during the nighttime hours by a mysterious and sinister force.

Arcadian drops audiences into a not-so-distant future in which the Earth has been destroyed by man’s own hand. There are, however, some who have survived, including Cage’s Paul, a hardworking man and dedicated father to his two sons, Thomas (Jenkins) and Joseph (Martell), willing to do anything in his power to keep them alive. Those left to fend for themselves following the world’s plunge into chaos live a mostly peaceful life by day, but when the sun sets, all bets are off. With darkness as their disguise, dangerous creatures are on the prowl, drawn to those left among the living by sound. Although Paul tries to run a tight ship, when Thomas doesn’t make it home before sundown one day, the dutiful father strikes out on a journey that puts everything he loves at risk.

Having previously worked on music videos for notable artists like Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, and Foster the People, as well as nabbing writing credits on the award-sweeping Everything Everywhere All at Once, Brewer ups the ante with Arcadian. Blending sci-fi with horror, the film falls in the same category as other popular titles of recent years, such as A Quiet Place and Bird Box. Joining him in putting pen to paper is writer Mike Nilon (Braven) who wrote the film’s script. The project marks the latest team-up between Cage and the production company, RLJE Films, who previously worked together on last year’s off-the-rails ride to hell, Sympathy for the Devil.

The fastest way to see Cage’s role as a father bent on saving his family in a decimated world will be on the big screen when Arcadian arrives in theaters on April 12. Beyond that, the film is slated for a release on both AMC+ and Shudder later this year—as if Late Night with the Devil wasn’t enough of a reason to sign up for the latter.

By Britta Devore, Collider